Finnair and Norwegian feature Skysource

Finnair and Norwegian Air featured Skysource and WEDEW on their in-flight magazine’s January 2019 issues. You can read the articles bewlow.


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The Largest River On Earth Is In The Sky

“It's Okay to be Smart” by PSB is a show that is all about science, the amazing universe we live in, and the pleasure of finding things out.

What’s the largest river on Earth? If you said “the Amazon”… you’re only half right. Scientists have discovered an even bigger river in South America, and it’s in the sky above the Amazon rainforest. Turns out, this sky river is the reason there’s a rainforest at all.

Purpose x Profit Conference in Los Angeles, CA

Skysource was honored to be part of Purpose x Profit conference in Los Angeles, an inspiring gathering of progressive change makers. Skysource’s founders Laura Doss-Hertz and David Hertz spoke about the need to shift the global marketplace towards an ethical economic model. Thank you for having us, #PxPconference