Water is in the air

David Hertz spoke with United Nations Environment Programme about WEDEW, the winner of Water Abundance XPRIZE. “In simple terms, we are making a rainforest in a box, and clouds in containers where cold and heat collide in the form of a personal or small community-scaled energy and water appliance,” said David Hertz, a California-based architect who led the team that created WeDew, or Wood-to-Energy Deployable Emergency Water. Read the full article here.

The Power Of Purpose: Abundance Is The New Sustainability by Afdhel Aziz for Forbes

“Aside from energy, the other uber-challenge facing humanity is water: only 1% of the planet's water is drinkable, and with much of that becoming tainted with everything from nitrates to antibiotics, the issue has been how to find enough to sustain our ever-growing needs. Recently, Diamandis's X-Prize Foundation (which issues crowd-sourced challenges around some of humanities biggest problems) awarded their Water Abundance X-Prize (powered by the Tata Group and Australian Aid) to the Skysource / Skywater Alliance, based in Venice Beach, California, which received a grand prize of $1.5 million for developing an easily deployable high-volume water generator that can be used in any climate, meeting the competition parameters of extracting a minimum of 2,000 liters of water per dayfrom the atmosphere using 100 percent renewable energy, at a cost of no more than two cents per liter. It turns out there is more water in our atmosphere than in all our rivers combined. I believe breakthroughs like this could in the long term lead to 'water generators' being as common-place as solar panels, leading to a decentralized 'water internet' that greatly reduces the dependence on increasingly polluted centralized water systems.” READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

Grand Prize Winner of the XPRIZE Water Abundance Competition!

After nearly two years of competition, the Skysource / Skywater Alliance has achieved the required goal of extracting over 2,000 liters of drinkable water from the atmosphere in a 24 hour period using only renewable resources, for less than two cents per liter.


We are excited to have the support to keep pushing the technology, and to further develop and refine our water generation system so that it may continue to hold its place on the front line of innovative technology working to combat the global water crisis.

Please take a look at this article on Tech Crunch and check out the video they posted to get a sense of the competition and to learn a bit more about our water making system. We are also working on updating our website with more details about everything XPRIZE related. Stay tuned!

XPRIZE: Water Abundance

Pleased to announce that after this one year competition the field has been narrowed down from 98 teams from 27 countries and our team, the Skysource/ Skywater Alliance is now one of (4) finalist in the Water Abundance XPRIZE. This 1.5 Million Dollar prize goes to the team that can make over 2,000 liters/ day at less than 2 cents/ liter using 100% renewable energy. Next week is our final testing run!