LA2050 is an initiative to make Los Angeles the best place to learn, create, play, connect, and live. Skysource is collaborating with amazing and inspiring organizations to make LA the best place to live. We want the students of Markham Middle School in Watts to have abundant water for their community and set an example for other schools and neighborhoods. 50 finalists will be chosen by public vote, and every vote matters! Please help us and click the link below to vote!

“Resiliency IN A BOX is a mural covered repurposed shipping container housing equipment producing a renewable, sustainable source of potable water, soil enhancements and clean energy on a daily basis. Our project provides opportunities for STEAM education and a canvas for public art. In the Community Healing Gardens' Tech Garden at LAUSD Markham Middle School in Watts, it will improve food production plus be an off-the-grid, vital resource for the entire neighborhood when a disaster strikes.”