Sky Source makes water from air, using atmospheric water generators to turn moisture in the air into fresh drinking water.    

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What is Skywater?

Water covers 71% of the Earth's surface, 97% of that is salty ocean water, and of the remaining 3% of fresh water, half is frozen in the polar ice caps.  That leaves 1.5% of the surface water on earth, most of which is in lakes, rivers, and groundwater.  Unfortunately, our fresh water sources are being consumed faster than they can be replenished.

about 37.5 Million, Billion gallons of water vapor.

Rainfall and river water can not sustain humanity's growing water needs in many parts of the world, and ground water reservoirs are being depleted or even contaminated by industry.  However, there is more fresh water in the atmosphere than in all of the rivers of the planet combined (Source: U.S. Geological Survey).  This is a tremendous opportunity.

Each Skywater 300 model is capable of producing up to 300 gallons of fresh water per day, enough for a household or emergency relief efforts, and can do so more efficiently than any other method of moisture extraction or filtration.  Smaller models, such as the Skywater Harmony, are capable of producing drinking water on demand, perfect for home or office use.

The machines use refrigeration techniques to maintain a dew point within a condensation chamber to maximize water production from the existing atmospheric condition-- the higher the humidity and temperature, the more water that can be produced.  After condensation, the water is filtered and treated with ozone to enhance its taste and prevent potentially hazardous micro-organisms from forming.

The Process

Our patented technology uses the Adiabatic Distillation Process to draw water from the atmosphere, which is constantly being replenished.  Adiabatic is defined as "occurring without gain or loss of heat" and distillation is the condensation process where as water vapor is reduced to a liquid. Skywater's patented adiabatic distillation process replicates and augments nature's process of condensation by simulating the dew point, which allows it to make water continuously, even in low humidity conditions.   Air is filtered, condensed, and the water that is collected is purified and finally filtered through a high quality carbon filter.  

The process

The process


Why Skywater?

Able to produce water from thin air, these machines require a lower capital cost, and are the most energy efficient and productive systems available today.   Much cheaper and more efficient than water desalination,  and not dependent on rainfall, Skywater is a solution for water self-reliance that can be adapted to almost any climate, and can be powered by alternate energy sources such as solar panels or by biofuel gassifiers.

As the “build green” revolution takes hold worldwide, new developers recognize the need to find ways to make homes and offices more efficient.  Skywater is the latest in water technology. Develop homes with the option of this modern kitchen appliance in the form of a compact unit for family use, and supply your development projects or emergency relief efforts with the Skywater 300 for a total “off the grid” water system capable of delivering 300 gallons a day.

  • Residential & Business Office Sectors 
  • Real Estate/Land Developers/Architectural firms
  • Mass Market Retail/Home Building Centers 
  • Manufacturers wanting a green process water supply
  • Agriculture/Farming/Hydroponics
  • Water Treatment Distributors
  • Food & Hospitality Industries
  • Marine and Off-Shore Applications
  • Government and Military
  • NGO – Emergency Relief Organizations 
  • Cooling Tower water recovery