The Sky Well

For most of human history, all life was centered around a community's source of water.  For people living away from rivers, wells were a human-made source of water around which the entire community would gather.  In this spirit, we had the idea of using our own Skywater machine to serve as a source of water for the Venice community at large.  To illustrate the ideals and history of water as a source of community, we worked with an artist to make a mural that would have our water-bottle filling station as its focus.  Figures reminiscent of ancient Greek pottery carry vases to the well, or in our case, a Skywater machine.  


The Mural

We worked with a local artist to develop a mural for our Sky Well.  Figures reminiscent of ancient Greek pottery carry vases to the well, or in our case, a Skywater machine.  Our goal for this mural is to highlight the bottle filling station, and to convey the larger-than-life significance of water in a community.  

Working with Community Healing Gardens

Our Skywater machine makes 150 gallons of water a day, much more than enough for the needs of our small office and even the bottle-filling station.  The rest of the water is donated to Venice Community Healing Gardens, a non-profit which maintains planters in the neighborhood, growing fresh fruits and vegetables for local school children and the Venice community.


Friends of Skysource