World Water Day Announcement!

We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with Sustainable Surf on their latest initiative, DIYH20, which is aimed at showing people how anyone can become water self-reliant by producing their own supply of water with atmospheric water collection.   As a start, we will be installing a Skywater Atmospheric Water Generator at The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano.

Join us Friday, April 7th at the Ecology Center to get a sip of fresh water made from air, and enjoy the launch of DIYH20 and view a screening of Cyrus Sutton's new film 'Island Earth'

How Much Water Does Your Family Use?

A recent article by National Geographic illustrates the massive difference in water consumption in different parts of the world.  It is especially important that we are conscious of how much water we use, because clean fresh water is a critical resource even if it is easily available for us.  

"From India to Bolivia, it was always the women who knew exactly how much water their family needed.

When photographer Ashley Gilbertson sat down in households across six countries to document water access for UNICEF, he’d ask them to tally their daily usage. Then he’d display the total amount used in plastic containers filled from the local source."

CLICK HERE to read the full story and see the photographs from National Geographic

David Hertz speaking at Lake Nona Impact Forum February 16

The Lake Nona Impact Forum is welcoming some of the world's top thought leaders to explore the intersections of wellness, technology, sustainability, and education.

David Hertz is honored to be presenting at the Impact Forum with Deepak Chopra and other visionaries.   They will discuss new social paradigms for how we can interact with our communities.


The Lake Nona Impact Forum is committed to unlocking innovation to create sustainable health communities and advance quality of life by exploring the intersections of wellness, sustainable living and education.

An invitation-only event, the Lake Nona Impact Forum convenes over 250 thought leaders from business, academia, government and industry sectors who are driving creative, innovative health and wellness solutions, which move the needle on health care expenditures nationally and globally.

Drawing nationally recognized speakers, past events have included: Alex Gorsky, CEO & Chairman, Johnson & Johnson; John Chambers, CEO, Cisco; Sanjay Gupta, MD, Chief Medical Correspondent , CNN; Arianna Huffington, Chair, President and Editor-in-Chief, Huffington Post Media Group; and The Honorable Robert McDonald, US Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Committed to Inspiring Health Innovation, the Lake Nona Impact Forum creates an intimate experience for thoughtful and collaborative conversation that can lead to action.

The event is set in Lake Nona, a 17-square-mile integrated community designed from scratch in Orlando, home to one of the fastest-growing life sciences clusters in the nation and serves as a model for the design of a comprehensive, healthy community.


Date: February 16th (Thursday)

Location: UF Research & Academic Center

  • 1:35 - 1:55PM : The Future of Wellbeing

  • 1:55 - 2:55PM: The Internet of Wellbeing

Panel Members

  • Deepak Chopra, MD, FACP - Moderator : Founder of The Chopra Foundation, Chopra Center for Wellbeing, is a world-renowned pioneer in mind-body medicine & author of over 80 books

  • James Mault, MD, FACS - Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Qualcomm Life

  • Marc Leibowitz - Global Head, Health Tech, Johnson & Johnson

  • Prakash Raman - Executive Development, LinkedIn

  • Ryan Olohan - National Industry Director, Healthcare at Google

  • Simon MacGibbon - ‎Co-Founder & Managing Director at BCG Digital Ventures

  • Renata Mutis Black - Founder of Seven Bar Foundation and Empowered By You

  • David Hertz, FAIA - Sustainability Architect, Inventor & Educator - Studio of Environmental Architecture

  • Via Humagram (Los Angeles): Michelle Rodriguez, American actress, screenwriter, and Travis Brewer , Finalist American Nina Warrior, World Champion of the “Battle of the Bars” competition.

  • Poonacha Machaiah - Co-Founder & CEO Jiyo & 'Internet of Wellbeing' Initiative

TED TALK by Deepika Kurup: A Young Scientist's Quest for Clean Water

We are thrilled to share with you the inspiring TED talk by Deepika Kurup

Deepika has been determined to solve the global water crisis since she was 14 years old, after she saw kids outside her grandparents' house in India drinking water that looked too dirty even to touch. Her research began in her family kitchen — and eventually led to a major science prize. Hear how this teenage scientist developed a cost-effective, eco-friendly way to purify water.

Click HERE to view her TED Talk

The Los Angeles Post covers Sky Source at the 'Soil Totally Rocks!' event

The online magazine The Los Angeles Post ran an article covering the 'Soil Totally Rocks' event that we recently participated.   Read the full article HERE or the excerpt posted below.

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 2.03.58 PM.png

We know that the production of meat causes complex environmental issues. So reach for those veggies! But did you know that fruits and vegetables, even from organic farms, most likely use blood, bone, and manure from animals that are raised unethically? It’s time to look deeper into the ‘skin of the earth’, the soil, and how we are as dumb as dirt to overlook its importance to environmental concerns and perhaps realize…dirt isn’t so dumb after all.

The event Soil Totally Rocks! brought together businesses, non-profits and trailblazers in the field under the umbrella of the Sustainable Business Council of Los Angeles to socialize and give talks on eco-accomplishments as varied as urban farming, composting, and creating water from the air. Like any serious solution, it required an entire committed community coming together to share ideas, resources, as well as good times.

Community participation is key to change, and David Hertz, founder of the Studio of Environmental Architecture and SkySource, which uses a revolutionary system that draws drinking water from the air, gives away the water in Venice to promote awareness and to benefit Venice residents and visitors. As an added layer of outreach the organization employs homeless kids to catch the water from the air.

"Island Sky" presents Skywater technology at clean technology conference in Silicon Valley

At the recent clean technology conference "Sustainability Launch" hosted by Plug and Play, a venture capital and startup incubator in Silicon Valley, Island Sky (the makers of our Skywater machines) presented the Skywater machines and how they can be used to make communities, families, and industries water self reliant.

When Water Becomes Gold: The New Alchemy -- David Hertz co-teaching workshop at Esalen Institute, Dec 9-11

David Hertz will be speaking at the Esalen Institute on December 9 - 11 and co-teaching the workshop When Water Becomes Gold: The New Alchemy.  Click Here to learn more about the weekend and to reserve your space.

Esalen Institute is blessed by three powerful waters: the Pacific Ocean, the healing hot springs, and the freshwater creek that flows through the property. These sacred waters have offered people a place to heal and nourish themselves for thousands of years.

However, taking this precious commodity for granted as a limitless resource is increasingly risky as we face hundred-year-drought conditions, which a temporary El Niño deluge will not solve – our thousands of years old aquifers are increasingly depleted.

Co-led by local Big Sur water-innovators and Amory Lovins, one of the world’s leading authorities in energy policy, this workshop explores an array of possible solutions, including growing our vegetables and cooking herbs via hydroponics with up to 90% water savings; fish cultivation through aquaponics; drinking water extraction via the atmosphere; and the latest in waste water recapture technology. All of these methods preserve clean water, our “New Gold.”

Our visit to a local model farm will include a special luncheon to sample “farm to table” fresh organically grown food combined with top rated California wine pairings. The faculty will include experts in each of the subjects described above as we explore and adopt new methods of preserving our most precious asset.

Skywater at Open Temple in Venice, CA

David Hertz introduces the new Skywater unit at the Open Temple in Venice, California.  The machine will be making fresh drinking water as well as supply water for the temple's aeroponic garden.  

David Hertz will be presenting at the SBC's #SoilTotallyROCKS Reception & Trailblazer Talks Nov 30, 6:30 pm

On Wednesday, November 30th David Hertz will be presenting at the SBC's #SoilTotallyROCKS Reception & Trailblazer Talks.  Join us as David Hertz and other trailblazers share their unique perspectives on the business of soil and how it relates to sustainable agriculture practices, urban farming and gardens and other soil related products and services focused on combatting climate change.



Get tickets HERE

More information


Wednesday, November 30, 2016
6:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m.


The Volkswagen Santa Monica Showroom
2440 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404


Parking at and around Volkswagen Santa Monica Showroom


$30-Benefits the Sustainable Business Council!

Go Campaign Gala

We're thrilled to be part of the Go Campaign's Go Water Initiative!  We look forward to working with the Go Campaign to help communities around the world.

Join us at Los Angeles Clean Tech Incubator tomorrow! Innovate X Water

Join David Hertz and other luminaries in the sustainability movement who are working together to build a sustainable future at the Los Angeles Clean Tech Incubator in Downtown Los Angeles.  Mr Hertz will be on the first panel of the morning discussing how 'Clean Tech is Revolutionizing the Water World.'  We hope to see you there!

Skysource featured in German documentary about the green movement in the USA

We are excited that David Hertz is one of the subjects of a German documentary on people leading the green movement here in the United States.  David discusses his efforts to fight the drought using atmospheric water generators. 

"USA - On the Green Wave"

44 min.

The US is one of the world's largest resource wasters. Meanwhile, however, a counter-movement is spreading. With original ideas, more and more people, despite powerful opponents in business and politics, are committed to environmental protection."

Click Here to view the documentary

Thank you Greenbuild!

Thank you so much to everyone who visited us at Greenbuild International Conference, it was an incredible experience meeting so many people who share our devotion to sustainability.

Skysource documentary "Precipitating Change" to be shown at SXSW

We are excited that the documentary "Precipitating Change" will be screening at SXSW on Wednesday.  The film highlights David Hertz's work with Skysource to provide fresh drinking water made from air.  More information here

American Institute of Architects: I Look Up Film Challenge
Wednesday, October 12
11:30AM - 12:30PM
Austin Convention Center Room 1

Skysource and David Hertz profiled in LA Councilmember Mike Bonin's "Neighborhoods First Newsletter"

David Hertz and Skywater - Water from Air

As an architect and environmentalist, Venice-resident David Hertz is known for repurposing materials. He has used the wing of a 747 as the roof of a house and crushed vinyl albums  as flooring at a record label's office, so it should come as no surprise that this environmentally-focused architect has found a new way to turn something we take for granted into something we desperately need. David Hertz is turning air into water. Read more about David and his work with Skywater in the interview below.  

How did you find out about Skywater?

A client of mine told me about the Skywater technology that a friend of his had invented. He asked me to evaluate the technology as it had not yet been used in California. To me, like alchemy and too good to be true. To make water from air efficiently?  I was intrigued and very anxious to try it. I started with a small office cooler sized SkyWater machine to supply our office of about 10 people and subsequently installed a unit that makes about 150 gallons of drinking water per day from the air. In California, we have not yet  been able to achieve water self reliance because we are reaching the limits of our conservation efforts. We cannot collect or store enough stormwater to meet our needs, while we face unprecedented water scarcity and water quality issues. The idea of being able to generate point of use water on site is a very compelling  solution and offers an alternative to the more energy intensive method of transporting water long distances through an aging infrastructure.

How does it work?

The technology uses a patented process called Adiabatic Distillation, which uses the art of refrigeration to condense the moisture in air to make pure water. If one thinks about an air conditioner and how it makes condensation, this is similar. In simple terms, it's like a reverse air conditioner in that its primary function is to only make water efficiently, instead of making cooling air. It's fascinating that on our planet, less than 1.5% of the water is fresh. As we usurp our aquifers and surface water, we will need many strategies, including the ability to harvest water from the sky. It turns out that especially in our coastal communities, all the evaporation from the ocean is replenished in the atmosphere on a weekly basis as it blows over the city with prevailing breezes, making it infinitely renewable.  In fact there is more atmospheric water in the air at any given time than all the rivers on Earth. So even if every building had one it would not affect the climate.

How does Skywater fit with your other work repurposing materials?

I started out as an environmentalist and had to rationalize my place in the world as an architect trying to lessen the impacts of the built environment on the natural environment. I have used repurposing and radical re-use as a strategy for reducing the use of raw materials by reusing what we already have instead of extracting more primary raw materials. A good example is my 747 Wing House in Malibu, which uses the wings of a decommissioned 747 as the floating roofs of a house. Having been successful for over the last three decades as an architect working to move buildings beyond sustainability toward a restorative and regenerative architecture that gives back more than it takes, we have not been able to find solutions for water generation that move beyond collection until now. My interest in what we Take, Make and Waste has led me to a fascination with water as the most important limited resource we have.

How are you using your Skywater system to benefit the community, and how would you like to see Skywater used in Venice in the future?

I have been using solar energy to create over 100 gallons of fresh water per day, which is more than we personally need. As a result, we have been giving it away to the community for free. My studio is on Market Street near Ocean Front Walk, where there is a high percentage of the homeless population with limited access to clean water, which is a fundamental human right. I have been amazed by the popularity, respectfulness and self governance surrounding the public's use of what has been fondly called the "Wall of Water." I came up with the concept of providing SkyWater to the community by installing a bottle filling station in the alley on Horizon Court and incorporating it into a large mural by an LA street artist.

Additionally, we have been providing several hundred gallons per week to the local non profit, Community Healing Gardens, which has over 83 farm boxes on the parkways throughout Venice, made legal by Mike Bonin's ordinance permitting that. Considering California's permanent drought, it makes the most sense to water all these boxes with water locally made from air. Community Healing Gardens employs youth from Venice based S.P.Y. (Safe Place For Youth), which provides job opportunities to kids aged out of the foster care system. CHG now employees two full time formerly homeless teens to pick up the Skywater from my studio twice a week and hydrate  the Urban Farm boxes in Venice.

My wife, Laura Doss Hertz and I started as a public benefit company to not only provide our community with Atmospheric Water, but to invite them to become water self reliant with their own machines. We are about to install a SkyWater machine combined with Aeroponic Food towers to the Venice Open Temple at the Electric Lodge and have been engaged with the restaurant, Plant Food and Wine on Abbot Kinney, which will become the first restaurant in the world to not only grow produce for its restaurant onsite using Skywater, but to also serve it to its customers.

In addition to other projects proposed in Venice and Los Angeles, including a Skysource billboards using art and atmospheric water generators to provide water at its base, we are working on alternative energy, water harvesting and food production for projects through our " Precipitating Change initiative" with in Haiti and Africa with intentions of providing a hyper local response to water self reliance world wide.

To learn more, visit You can also watch the short film on what David Hertz is doing in Venice, made by local Venice film makers Nicol Ragland and Matt Eppedio, which was recently selected as a finalist in a national film challenge by the American Institute of Architects.